If you’re in the market for a new hat, buy one from Aussie brand, Lack of Color. Trust me, you’ll be obsessed.

All of my favorite hats are from Lack of Color. I already own a bunch of them and I can’t promise that I won’t buy more- they’re awesome. What makes these hats so different is that they really keep their shape- and the brims are stiff as hell. Do I really need to say more?


*I HIGHLY recommend buying from a seller other than LOC if you live outside of Australia- They charge $30 for shipping (to the US) and they do not protect the hats enough to withstand the journey to your door. I’m all for low waste packaging… but my first hat- and subsequent replacement both came in totally smashed bc they were just plopped into a giant box. No bueno.

Buy ’em from these places instead

Below, you’ll find the hats I own rn. I highly recommend all of them.

Teak Rancher $129
(I have two of these lol)
Ivory Rancher $129
The Phoenix $139
The Beverly $149
Western Wide Palma $119

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