Okay so here’s your warning- this post is gonna go into pretty graphic detail so don’t judge me/ brace yourself.

I’m no stranger to hair removal on my lady bits. I’ve tried almost everything to get dolphin smooth down there- and the most effective option for me is to use a home wax kit.

Waxing at home is awesome bc it’s cheap and you don’t have to flash your asshole to a stranger.

First off, I use this waxing kit from Bliss– which rocks. Buy it.

The instructions on the package are pretty thorough tbh, but here’s a few notes I would add-

Grab these supplies before you start-

A towel to kneel on- Honestly the wax isn’t that messy, but it’s a bitch to get off the floor if things go awry.

Wine- Because everything is always better with a buzz. They say not to drink before a wax because alcohol thins your blood/ it can make you bleed… but fuck ’em. Drink up.

Tweezers- You’ll need tweezers to clean up any strays left behind because you can’t wax a spot twice. (It can leave a gross scab so don’t do it.) ALSO if you let the wax harden too long and it cracks into tiny pieces, you can tweeze em off.

Now for the fun part.

The first thing you’re gonna want to do is relax– because this shit is going to hurt like a motherfucker. Get some deep breaths in, light a candle- whatever floats your boat.

The box says to prep your skin with the oil they give you… but just, no. It will make your skin and hair slippery. So skip that and “prep” by sitting naked on a towel on your floor and just dive right in. (lol, sorry.)

When you apply the wax, it’s really important to follow the “banana peel” thickness rule that is mentioned in the instructions (which you def need to read entirely). It’s the *perf* thickness. It’s also a good idea to thicken up the edge you pull from to give you a lil something to hold onto. You’ll know it’s time to pull when the wax is still bendy but not sticky to the touch. Start with the bikini line (sides and top) and work inward in a triangular or rectangular shape- that way, if you can’t handle the pain anymore, your vag won’t look like Andy’s chest from 40 Year Old Virgin.

If you dare to attempt to give yourself a brazilian- aka waxing your butthole and ((labia))- it works best if you kneel with your legs far apart so you don’t wax yourself shut- TMI but whatever, you asked for it.

AAAAAAND that’s about it.  If you freak out and feel like you just can’t do it… remember that you can- and that it will be super worth it in the end.

If you have any specific questions, please let me know! (And if you’re too embarrassed to leave the q in comment form below, dm me on IG lol @jensyngagne.)

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