If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m not a big over-sharer. I prefer living my life over documenting every second- so I stick to primarily posting my style. That being said, I do feel like a lot of my newer followers don’t really “know me” like my older ones do- so here’s a chance to brush up on some Jensyn facts that you might not easily find on my IG.

1. My Name. If I had a dollar for every time a deli employee butchered my name, I’d be a very rich woman. It’s Jensyn Gagne- and because everyone asks, it’s pronounced jen. sin. gone. yay. (you’re welcome).

2. The “why” behind my move. After 14 years as a Texan, I picked up and moved to Florida on a whim. There’s a lot of little reasons why I left, but I honestly just felt like it was time to go. I know it’s not a super juicy reason, but in the end it really was just a gut thing.

When I first moved to FL, I bounced around the northern Tampa Bay area and Orlando until I went on a Tinder date (lol) that took me on a motorcycle ride through St. Pete- where I fell in LOVE… with the city. Now, three years later, I’m still here and still super into it.

Now, don’t get me wrong- I do get homesick sometimes. I’ll always be a lil Texan at heart and go back a few times a year to go to Bucee’s and Torchy’s see friends, but for now I’m digging being 10 minutes from America’s most beautiful beach. Ya feel?

3. Zack. You may have caught a glimpse of a dark haired guy in my stories or heard me refer to “Z” in captions- that’s my boyfriend, Zack and we’ve been dating practically since the day we met in 2016.

Here’s our deal- We met at a bar where we were both *actually* supposed to be with other people (I know, yikes) BUT I winked, we chatted and we went to a concert together the next day. It was true love baby- and we’ve been inseparable since.

A lot of people ask if Zack is a photographer… HA! No. He is actually a Director of Client Services for a loyalty marketing firm here in St. Pete, and he works with some badass brands like AMC Theatres, Willams Sonoma and Wawa to build customer loyalty platforms (aka reward programs- aka the apps you use when you buy stuff to get points). He’s also a head coach for the soccer club he played for when he was growing up- adorable, I know. On top of all of that, he’s the reason I can do what I love. He takes all of my pictures and isn’t a dick about it, he acts as my “manager” when needed and he encourages me to keep going every. single. day.

Basically, he’s the fucking best.

4. I’m a college dropout. But in my defense, I was studying art. And nobody finishes that shit. Long story short, I started freelancing in college and liked making money more than I liked being told by shitty, underpaid professors to “Google it”. College didn’t offer me enough knowledge pertaining to what I wanted to do with my life, and I just wasn’t willing to sacrifice more of my time and money for a piece of paper- so I dropped out.

At this point, I feel like I’ve gotten to the place I wanted college to take me anyway… so unless I decide to move back into the corporate arena, I don’t really see a need for a degree. That being said, I do further my education by taking online courses when I find myself lacking in a certain subject. This year, I learned to code- and I used that knowledge to build up this site! WOO.

5. All of my pics are taken on iPhone. Surprise, surprise. Zack and I bought a camera last year but we prefer iPhone pics for Instagram. It just works best for us. Z usually only has like 20 minutes TOPS to take my pics, so I have to make that time count and the iPhone camera is just easier to use. It takes all of the guesswork out of shooting so Z can just focus on making sure that I’m not making a weird face. Plus, nobody even noticed a difference when we did use a camera soooo…

6. A few things on my bucket list are to…

  • See the Pyramids IRL
  • Do the Pier to Pier Swim in Hermosa Beach without dying
  • Speak fluent French
  • Make my own clothes- maybe sell ’em
  • Swim with a whale shark
  • Flip a house
  • Learn how to weld

7. My job. Right now, I don’t technically have a “real job”. My last few full time jobs left me wandering down a career path with a seemingly dead end, so Z and I decided that I should quit to fulfill my dream of starting my own biz.

Before you roll your eyes and think “ugh. this is so millennial and unrealistic“- hear me out. I know my situation isn’t normal, practical or realistic- but Zack and I both saw an opportunity and decided to make some sacrifices to our lifestyle and take a chance. Last year, on my birthday, I became a legitimate business owner and filed for an LLC. Now, I’m working on the hard part- aka- trying to figure out the best way to make a lot of money.

I’ve spent the last few months taking coding and business courses online, building a website (hi), and shaping my business- all while navigating the Influencer space. So while I don’t have a steady paycheck, benefits or a break room, I do have a full-ass workload.

8. My pet peeve is… when people don’t listen. It’s annoying as fuck. I don’t like saying things more than once and I don’t like saying “I told ya so”. Don’t ask me for advice if you’re going to ignore it and don’t talk to me while you’re playing on your phone- I will hold a grudge for both lol.

9. My size. Let me start this “fun” fact with a disclaimer: Just because I’m the size that I am, doesn’t mean that you need to be that size too. We’re all different. Bodies are weird. Just get to a place where you’re happy- and be fuckin’ happy.

I get asked all the time about my measurements- and I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I def don’t want to fess up and share. I do, however, realize that people only ask to help shop the stuff I’m wearing- so I’ll put everything below.

I’m 5’8″ish- though I haven’t been measured since like, 10th grade. So maybe 5’9″. I weigh 150lbs rn, but I usually weigh around 135 (I recently packed on a winter coat of flubber to stay cozy in the 60 degree Floridian winter). I wear a 28D bra and measure 34″ across the bust. My waist is between 27-29″ depending on how bloated I am that day and I’ve had a 40″ ass since I was 18. (Finding jeans that don’t gap in the back is a nightmare.) I always take the style of what I’m buying into consideration when selecting sizes so I wear anything from a S-XL lol. If something is made to fit tight to the skin, I will buy my true size, but if it’s loose, I’ll buy the largest size. I also frequent men’s sections because I HATE women’s cuts. They’re so fugly.

10. My biz is named after a joke from college. I named my business JensynTheory- which my good friend Flietzer Boling came up with to describe my belief that everything will work out… somehow, eventually… even if the situation is lookin pretty bleak.

I’ve had some shitty things happen to me (who hasn’t) but along the way, I’ve come to learn that no matter how terrible something seems in the moment, it will be okay if you believe it will be okay.

Let me set the scene for y’all- It was 2013-ish on 4th of July and I had convinced a few friends to drive down with me to Crystal Beach to help sell tickets for a concert I was workin’ over the holiday. The four of us piled into my truck with our overnight bags and drove to my boss’ beach house. We spent the day driving up and down the beach on a golf cart in absurd American-themed outfits and got druuuuunk off Jager and Bud heavy. We were sticky, sandy and in desperate need of a shower. One of the friends, who shall remain nameless, tossed me the keys to my truck so we could get our bags and toiletries out… and the keys grazed my fingers… landed in the grass… and bounced into a crack in the lid of nearby open septic tank. We were stranded. It was raining. All the nearby locksmiths were closed for the holiday. Everyone was pissed.

I assured my friends that it would work out- and I honestly believed it. But nobody else did.

I clearly remember Fleitz, half angry/ half laughing saying “Ok, enough with the fucking Jensyn Theory- this fucking SUCKS”- and then I got a phone call from my childhood neighbor. Turns out- when I graduated high school, my step dad left him with a spare to my truck and get this- he was 5 doors down from us at the fuckin beach. IT WAS INSANE.

That day taught me that my “Jensyn Theory” has magical powers- and it’s ultimately the backbone of my business. I quit my job and took a risk to start something from absolutely nothing… and it’s all going to work out in the end. I just feel it.

I told you mine… now you tell me yours- I would love to know where you guys are from, what you do, etc. Comment below. 

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